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Seller Policy

1. Upload a clear picture of your items or products taking by the seller not copy and paste. And make sure they are in good condition before posting.

2. Give a clear description of the item/product condition at the moment of sale eg. Clothing: Used or new, color, name of the material used, full measurements from a satisfied tailor. If anything else states if it is used or new and the working condition etc.

3. Indicate the location of the item eg: state, local govt, and town. If the buyer is not in the same location, it will attract transportation costs. (Check out our discounted transport cost by location ) but if the buyer is in the same location you can make arrangements the day of drop off for pick an up the same day or Door to door delivery.

4. The seller pays for shipments at the shipping point (for quality assurance) Reason: if the buyer on receiving confirmation that the product does not match the picture on the post the transport company courier staff confirm it too, the product will be returned to the seller with no additional cost. At this point, the seller’s cost for shipping is nonrefundable.

5. Put a very reasonable price tag on the item/ product

6. Take it to any nearby peace mass transit courier office, if non around your area. Get us any reputable known transport company around your area to partner with us.

7. Taking pictures of the item on a white background is preferable.

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